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All Go For Stop! (In The Name Of Love)

All Go For Stop! (In The Name Of Love)
The BBC have commissioned 4 x 60 minute episodes. Charlotte Moore announced today that Stop! In The Name Of Love has been given the green light. Stop! is an innovative new musical drama series that
will reflect the diversity of modern Britain, focusing on six smart, thirty-something women’s complicated lives as they deal with love, friendship, success and failure. 
The show will use the music of Berry Gordy Jr’s famous record label, Motown, which will be woven into each drama, with characters singing songs at key moments within the spoken narrative.
Tony Jordan says 'We have created a piece of drama that will be unmissable event TV. The music of Motown is iconic. The musical arrangements and cutting edge choreography will give us a uniquely modern take on a genre of music that is truly timeless.'