Our Friends

Here is a list of some of our friends.


Reach the Children 

A charity dedicated to providing opportunities for self-reliance in the rural environment through sustainable community projects, generating income to fund projects our local partners identidy as the fundmanetal/primary needs of rural communities. These include provision of clean and safe water, opportunities for education and skills training, and providing primary first aid training for locations where there are no clinics or medical facilites. 

Reach the Children UK recognises the unique contribution made by the women of Africa. As a direct focus, Reach the Children UK seeks to support empowering women through education, removing the impediments to achieving skill sets, enabling employment as trained artisans and craftswomen, as well as providing opportunities for higher education, benefiting civil society throughout their lifetime. The women of Africa are the catalysts that keep communities working together for the benefit of all. 

Reach the Children UK emphatically supports all initiatives that sustain the empowerment of women, establishing rights and commitments to equal opportunities for all women.