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Couple walking on a beach from the Sanditon TV drama.

Sanditon Airs on Masterpiece in The US to Rave Reviews

Sanditon is a bold and ambitious eight-part drama adapted from Jane Austen's last, unfinished novel, commissioned by ITV and Masterpiece.

Written by the BAFTA-Award winning Andrew Davies it is currently airing on Masterpiece in the US to rave reviews and ratings.

“Sanditon, a new Jane Austen adaptation debuting this Sunday on PBS’s Masterpiece, will fulfill everything you could ever want in a miniseries version of an Austen novel. It’s an exquisite production, both beautiful and thoughtful. It’s adapted in ways that feel smart and human, while also pumping some helpful friction into the story.“ Vulture

"Jane Austen was one for harsh social satire, and Sanditon not only brings that back, but dares to swap the fairy tale ending for something closer to real life. makes for a profoundly juicy watch that will both enrapture and enrage its audience - and I loved every second of it."

"Fabulously distracting, lavish, humane, funny, romantic and sexy …… enthralling, amusing, carnal and diverting as is necessary in these woeful days. Dear heavens, it is gorgeous." Globe and Mail