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By Any Means

A high-octane drama that follows a clandestine police department charged with catching the most elusive of criminals, by any means.

Created by a team of writers, led by Tony Jordan, this thrilling drama follows a covert police department. When the legal system fails, they will go to any lengths to bring the criminal elite to justice.

There are some criminals who always manage to evade the justice system. These masterminds control their empires with an iron grip – yet on paper, appear squeaky clean. Never at the scene of the crime and without getting their hands dirty, they may even manipulate the media to make it look like they are the ones being persecuted by the police. They know the system and they know how to play it. In short, they are just too clever to get caught. 

By Any Means follows a clandestine department, living on the edge and playing the criminal elite at their own game, existing in the grey area between the letter of the law and true justice.  Led by the sharp and elusive Jack Quinn (Warren Brown), alongside straight-talking Jessica Jones (Shelley Conn) and digital whizz-kid, Tom Tomkins (Andrew Lee Potts), this brilliant team will stop at nothing, fighting fire with fire. Receiving their target from the mysterious Helen (Gina McKee), they weave a web of deception to deliver their unwary targets into the arms of justice.

By Any Means is a fast-paced drama, packed with twists and turns, as well as brilliantly complex and rich characters. 

“...Wise cracking crime drama” - The Times

 “An enjoyable hour of thrills and spills “ - TV Times

Cast includes: Warren Brown, Shelley Conn, Andrew Lee Potts and Gina McKee. Writer: Tony Jordan, Richard Lazarus, James Payne, Jeff Povey, Richard Zajdlic.

By Any Means is a Red Planet Pictures production for BBC One and distributed by BBC Studios.