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Holby Blue

The gripping BBC police drama depicts how a British force, based in the fictional city of Holby, navigate and balance their testing jobs and personal quests.

Cast of Holby Blue

The challenges facing the police officers and CID unit of Holby South are very different to the traditional ‘bobby on the beat’ – hard drugs, even harder gang members, and the constant threat of terrorism all combine to prove that modern-day policing isn’t just about robberies and ASBOs. Despite being weighed down by never ending bureaucracy, the officers of Holby South aspire to be the best, putting their personal opinions and passions to one side in order to make Holby a safer place to live.

Straight talking DI John Keenan (Cal Macaninch) lives for his job and will stop at nothing to secure a conviction. John somehow manages to be a great dad to his two young children, but a lousy husband to Kate (Zoe Lucker). They are both playing the field following their recent split, but it’s clear that neither is really ready to move on. When Kate applies for a job at the station, John’s recent fling with colleague Rachel Barker CPS, is set to make all their lives even more complicated.

Inspector Jenny Black seems for all the world to have managed the impossible and appears to ‘have it all’ – a successful job, happy marriage and family. But the reality is that, in an effort to be the perfect wife, mother and career woman, Jenny has long neglected her own needs, and her frustration cannot be contained forever. Holby South’s veteran, DCI Harry Hutchinson, is due for retirement and his team pushes hard to secure a conviction against the city’s crime boss, Neculai Stenga (Velibor Topic), to help secure Harry’s legacy, even though he just wants a quiet life and is keen to keep his distance from the whole investigation.

Other cast includes: Richard Harrington, Jimmy Akingbola, Kacey Ainsworth and Tim Piggot-Smith. Created by Tony Jordan.

Holby Blue is a Red Planet Pictures production in association with Kudos for BBC One.